What to expect from Samsung in 2019

The South Korean electronics giants are doing it again! If you think you have seen a lot in 2018, watch out for 2019. After rumors of releasing, the smartwatch and the Galaxy Note 9 surfaced in 2018, more information on devices to be released in 2019 has leaked. Almost each year Samsung tries to improve on its previous year’s technology while still outdoing its competitors such as Apple and Huawei. In 2019 two devices are expected to be unveiled at the CES January or MWC in February.

Galaxy X

For so long, smartphones have had the same look and design. However, this might change in 2019. Although no official confirmation, it is believed that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone nicknamed the Winner. In 2014, Samsung released a video showing a folding design of a phone tablet. In subsequent years, they have filed numerous videos describing how OLED could be made to bend. In 2015 Apple also explained how a flexible electronic device would include a flexible circuit, a flexible battery and flexible display. Reliable rumors say that Samsung is working on such a gadget and it may be unveiled at the 2019 CES in January.

While the detailed specifications of this phone are not precise, some common rumored features include the ability to fold into half, large screen and a small screen once folded. The fact that this technology is new, we expect this device to be expensive. Therefore, it’s time to start saving for this cool smartphone.

Galaxy S10

Another anticipated device is the Galaxy S9 successor, which is the Galaxy S10. Rumors have it that this gadget will appear in three different versions. These include:

• Galaxy S10 with code name Beyond 0 which has 5 inches flat display. This device will have a single-sensor primary and secondary camera.

• Galaxy S10 coded Beyond 1 with a 5.8 inches curved S-AMOLED display, dual-sensor primary camera with telephoto lenses.

Galaxy S10 is bearing the code Beyond 2 which has 6.44 inches curved S-AMOLED infinity display, dual-sensor secondary camera, triple-sensor primary camera with regular telephoto and wide angle lenses.

All the versions are expected to have a fingerprint scanner, Exynos 9820 CPU, 4K OLED display and 5G connectivity. Therefore, watch out for this 2019 marvelous technology either at CES in Las Vegas from January or at MWC in Barcelona from February.

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